Individual Reflection: Christian

Pre-camp    o   What sounds interesting about this project?
This camp intriugued my interest in the different projects that we will be attempting.    o   What do you think you can learn from this project?
I can learn the average university life of a chemist or physict in NTU.    o   Any immediate questions regarding the project?
I wonder the scale of their experiments whether hands on or theoretical.
First Day
-        What did you do today?
We learnt how to extract caffeine fro tea leaves or bags.-        What did you learn today?
We learnt the effects of caffeine on a human body. The negative or positive effects on the human body. We also learnt how to use the machines to remove the dichloromethane in the rotary evaporator.-        How do you feel about today’s activities? Today's activites really brought me the insight on the experiments that they do in NTU.
Second Day-        What did you do today?We had to find out the angle that would get the ball the shortest time across the photogates.-        What did you learn today? I learnt how to use trigonometry to find out the angle of the ramp so that the ball would have the shortest time.-        How do you feel about today’s activities?It is very intruguing but that fascinating.
-        What new questions do you have regarding the discipline?
It is very well controlled as most people would control their volume and listen to the professor.

Third Day-        Plenary Sessions    o   Note down at least three key learning points-        How do you feel about the SST-NTU Flagship programme?    o   Describe how the programme has affected your understanding of the discipline on a larger scale    o   Share your insights for the programme in general

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